Tackling Diversity in the Workplace: A Legal Perspective for Employers

Diversity is becoming an increasingly important concept across all kinds of workplaces. Whether you’re seeking traditional employment or remote work legal advice, getting a clear understanding of the law is paramount.

As an employment advocate specialist, Robin Robison Limited is best placed to give up-to-date employment law advice. With current knowledge of the legal position regarding equality and diversity, the firm can clarify any issues that arise.

What Is The Definition Of Diversity At Work?

There is some confusion around the terms equality and diversity and their legal status. The term “diversity” is not a legal definition. It is a word that is used by HR departments and that can have different meanings.

The term “equality,” as in the Equality Act 2010, refers to the elimination of workplace discrimination. Diversity has a different meaning. It is about creating a culture within the workplace that values and respects differences. Like Equality, Diversity applies to ethnicity and gender. It also applies to other kinds of differences between individuals like background, disability, and age.

Are There Laws Around Diversity And Equality?

As an employment law specialist in London & Southeast of England, the firm can confirm there are few legal requirements regarding diversity and equality. Many employers want to ensure they are staying up to date with the latest trends in HR. But when it comes to the law, employers are only required to:

  • Remain compliant with legislation around equal pay. People of all genders must be paid the same amount for doing the same type of work.
  • Not discriminate against any employee or job applicant for promotions and benefits. That could be on the grounds of age, gender, race, or sexuality as an example.
  • Take all reasonable efforts to prevent staff harassment and discrimination at work by other employees.

Is A Diversity And Equality Policy Legally Required?

Employers usually have a policy within their workplace dealing with diversity and equality. No direct penalties apply if none is in place, though. Most employers are keen to foster a workplace culture in which diversity and equality are valued. Legally speaking, though, they are not required to do this.

Seeking Employment Law Advice In London And Southeast England

If you are an employer seeking employment legal advice surrounding diversity and equality, taking specialist guidance is crucial. The law is a complex area, and making an error can prove costly for businesses in both financial and reputational terms. Robin Robison Ltd is on hand to offer advice based on the latest legislation and developments.

You may be wondering why to choose Robin Robison Ltd. As a dedicated employment lawyer in London and Southeast England, Robin Robison Ltd only handles matters involving traditional and remote work legal advice. The firm focuses solely on employment law services without branching out into any other areas of law. As a result, all legal advice is up to date and based on more than a decade of representing people in the Employment Tribunal and at appeals.

To find out more and to get professional guidance surrounding equality and diversity in the workplace, contact Robin Robison Ltd.