Why Choose Robin Robison Employment Law Services?

With so many employment lawyers available it can be hard to know which one to choose, particularly when you are looking for support with an Employment Tribunal or specialist employment law advice.

At Robin Robison Limited, I make it my mission to be the best choice for all my clients and have shared some of the simple reasons why you should choose me for all your employment law needs.

Great Value For Money

I know that getting quality employment law advice can be expensive and so I do my best to offer the very best value for money for each of my clients. I will share a clear quote for all my work and never undertake additional work without your knowledge or consent. Paying for an employment law specialist can add up, but I remain committed to offering the very best value so that you can be confident that your money is well spent.

In most situations you will find yourself having to fund legal advice and representation from a legal specialist if your case goes to the Employment Tribunal. As I have significant experience of representing people in the Employment Tribunal and for appeals at the Employment Appeal Tribunal as well as giving advice regarding potential settlements and in taking a case from the earliest stages prior to a claim being filed and then drafting and filing a claim and taking the claim through all the stages of the litigation in the Employment Tribunal you will only have to pay for advice and representation by one person if you choose Robin Robison limited.

I can also help if you need representation at a case management hearing, Preliminary Hearing on a substantive issue, final hearing, or remedy hearing in the Employment Tribunal.

I Put You First

When you start searching for ‘employment lawyer near me’, you will probably be uncertain as to what you should be looking for. At Robin Robison Limited, I work hard to put you first every step of the way.

From explaining the best course of action to answering all your questions, I will do everything possible to help you resolve your employment law problem, including representation, drafting and filing claims, appearing at the Employment Tribunal and at the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

I Have the Experience You Need

The citizen’s advice office is often a good place to start to obtain employment law advice. However often you will need advice from someone who has knowledge and experience of Employment Tribunal rules and procedures.

Having been representing clients in the Employment Tribunal for the last ten years I can give tactical advice on procedure as well as advice on the law itself. I can also advise you about the practicalities of drafting claims, amending claims, case management orders and final hearings, giving evidence and how to appeal if you lose, and what your prospects of success are likely to be. Why not use my experience to get the results you are looking for today?

I Am Honest

I will always give honest advice. Sometimes the best advice is not to litigate at all, or if I consider that you require the professional expertise of someone else, for example for some problems you will require the assistance of a legal specialist who can act for you in the County Court, and I will let you know if this applies to you.

I am regulated and insured to represent clients on all matters within the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunal. Although most employment matters are within the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunal, some matters can only be dealt with in the County Court.

Use At Robin Robison Limited as Your Employment Law Specialist Today

If you are seeking an employment law specialist that has the skills and experience to deal with your concerns then Robin Robison Limited is ready to assist you. Connect with me today and let me support you to get the result you need.